All that you should know about mobile concert stage hire Sydney services

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When looking on planning out a music concert, it is extremely important for you to acquire stagemobile concert stage hire Sydney services. When doing so, you basically have to choose in between two types of mobile stages that can be rented: hydraulic and trailer. You need to bear in mind the fact that both of these types of stages have their very own advantages and are a perfect pick for different types of events. For both intimate and large scale gatherings, both of these mobile concert stages can be acquired through a PA raiser hire company. Here’s a bit of information about both of them:

Hydraulic Stages
Instead of taking on manual labor, hydraulic stages that are acquired through a stage hire Sydney company make use of hydraulics technology for the units to be setup. If truth be told, these particular types of mobile stages are seen rather frequently at large outdoor or indoor concerts. These are typically known to come fully equipped with an overhead cover. This is basically meant to be used by a stage production company for light rigging and sound system equipment. These are actually a tad bit more on the expensive end, but the good part about them is that they do not require much labor or time to be built and set up.

Trailer Stages
Large, heavy-duty pickup trucks or semi-trucks are commonly used to pull trailer stages. For a PA raiser hire, these stages are folded when they arrive at the site of the concert. These need to be manually unfolded. They do not have overhead covers, but a temporary roof is commonly built over these by stage hire Sydney firms for the accommodation of lighting and sound.

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