Value for Money Glow Table and Glow Bench Hire Services

- Glow Furniture Hire

Glow Furniture Hire is a Sydney based company that specialises in providing quality and affordable glow table Sydney and glow bench services to its customers. There are a lot of products for customers to choose for their parties and events and a lot of this provided at extremely cheap rates. We have always been striving to provide you world-class glowing furniture to ensure your parties or special events retain their class and help make guests feel really good about them. Having been in the business for well over a decade we can easily understand what your needs are and can provide them to you without any fuss. Our aim is in providing reliable products, neat presentation and timely delivery.

glow-bench-hireIf you have cocktail theme party or an informal event lined up at your place, then our glow table Sydney services will come in handy for you. Our illuminated tables can be placed adjacent to each other across a room to allow your guests to stand around them and have drinks. Our glow table Sydney packages provide you with bright glow tables. In fact, we can provide you 16 interesting colour combinations for tables. You have the choice of changing the colours according to the mood of the party or your taste. As these tables are wireless you can work around them easily too.

Our glow bench services, on the other hand, are suitable for providing seating facilities for your guests. A single bench can comfortably accommodate 2 people. Furthermore these benches can easily be scattered around your place to form a single long bench. You can also work around these benches to form a full circle or semi-circle.  You can find similar features in a glow bench as you will find across our other products. For example, you will have the choice of changing the colours at will by using a remote control and set the theme of your party through them.

Glow Furniture Hire is an excellent place in Sydney to get reliable glow table hire Sydney and Glow benches hire services. Whilst there are lots of options for you to choose from, our prices are still low.

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