The easiest way to repair LED lights

- LED Lighting

The term LED stands for light emitting diode, and is basically a lighting element that is very led lightspure and strong, particularly in comparison with standard incandescent lights. LED lights are used rather commonly in long strips of lights that are used for decoration purposes at different holidays. However, there are times when LED downlights stop working and need to be fixed. This is going to prevent you from throwing away the entire string. Here’s how to go about it:

Before getting started, wrap a small piece of electrical tape over the LED lights that aren’t working. For this, keep the lights turned on so that you can mark the ones that aren’t lighting up. Now, turn off the power and unplug the lights. Once done, pull out the first light that you marked with the tape from the fixture. Release it from the fixture by grasping it from above the plastic covering and pulling it. Now head out to a lighting supply store, or visit one on the internet and purchase one that is an exact match for your LED downlights. Purchase as many as need to be replaced. Take the plastic and metal end of the LED and insert it into the socket that you pulled it out of. Make sure that it is firmly in place. Here, it is necessary for you to bear in mind that the plastic covering of the lamp needs to be pointing away from the socket. Keep replacing all the faulty LED lights through the same procedure. Turn on the power to check the results.

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