Are there any differences between divorce lawyers Sydney and family lawyers?

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The simple answer to the question asked above is yes, there are a few differences between family courtdivorce lawyers Sydney and family lawyers Sydney. Although they are often referred to as being the same, divorce law has become more of a specialized field of law. Back in the days, there weren’t many divorce lawyers, which is why divorce cases were typically handled by family lawyers. However, with the passage of time, divorce law is a specialized law branch, but there are still many family lawyers who handle divorce cases.

Divorce law that is practiced by divorce lawyers Sydney covers every single aspect that needs to be paid attention to when a couple files for divorce. This is inclusive of:

1. Child custody
One or the other parent is awarded custody of the child or children involved in a divorce case. There are cases wherein joint custody is also awarded to the couple, but this instance is rather rare. The family lawyers Sydney that you choose will inform you about cases wherein children are split between the parents. Child custody is a matter attended to by divorce lawyers rather commonly.

2. Child support
Another aspect of divorce that is largely seen to by divorce lawyers Sydney is that of child support. Your chosen lawyer is going to negotiate the amount paid by the non-custodial parent to fulfil the needs of the children involved in the marriage.

3. Spousal support or alimony
The next aspect that divorce lawyers take on is that of spousal support. This amount of money is basically meant to support the spouse. However, your lawyer is going to negotiate whether the support will be permanent or temporary.

There are many other aspects of divorce as well that are catered to by divorce and family lawyers Sydney. For the best legal support in your case, make sure that you get in touch with Cominos Lawyers now!