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LED down lights

LED downlights can be considered a smart replacement for harsh strong lights used for indoor lighting. These illumination fixtures are usually broad LED light beamed from a point source that provide even lighting across a wide spread area.

LED downlights are highly energy efficient due to their capability to use minimal energy, generate moderate heat, yet have greater light efficacy than any other incandescent lamps. LED downlights are fixated to the ceiling and hence the path of illumination is focused downwards from the ceiling, Hence the acronym.

vinstar-led-downlightsLED downlights are generally chosen to infuse a sense of directional balance into architecturally enhanced ceiling surfaces. They work well in retail spaces, school, universities, Airport Lounges, Indoor Spaces, government facilities and Libraries.

LED downlights are classified into different types which fall into either ceiling mount category

LED downlights exude a comfortable visual lighting effect, facilitating low glare and diffused illumination

LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lightning is a type of light installation that uses multiple strips of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) affixed to a fixed surface.LED Strips are highly efficient and low maintenance because they last for thousands of hours. Since this type of lighting is made up of series of LEDs, it can provide a singular bright light or a multi colour light effect.

LED Strip lighting works best on decorative lighting applications and illuminating displayed objects or highlight features. Hence LED strips are the ideal choice for spa lighting, lighting provided above an artwork, kitchen and display cabinets illumination and pool light works.

LED Strip lighting can be differentiated according to the light output of the LED strip. Hence they largely fall under the following categories:

LED strip Lights also vary in their colour output and their colour intensity.LED strips are also categorized on basis of their fixture length.

LED, by itself, is an energy efficient component and a long lasting one. Hence by virtue of it, LED Strip Lightning makes up for a great fixture choice.LED Strip lighting are easily installable and works for any surface area, big or small.

LED Panels

LED Panels are rectangular shaped Lighting fixture structure fixated into a customized dropped ceiling grid filled with LED lights. They are cased in die cast aluminium housing. Since LED is the key component that is providing illumination, these panels are definitely environment friendly and energy efficient. This is due to LED being an energy saving lamp prototype. They are usually mounted to the wall or ceiling surface securely or suspended with a bracket fixture.

What are the Specifications of an Ideal LED Panel?

LED Panels are great in producing a diffused effect with great luminosity.

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